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I have absolutely no frame of reference for this type of fishing(other than your previous dipnetting posts). Reading this post, though, I didn't feel like i could do it myself, but that I was there and saw this all happen. Your words gave me the movie for an experience I've never had. Nice.

Christy, thank you for capturing in words this fishing experience. We dip from a boat now but spent years on the beach. This essay took me back, I miss the beach community, the children playing on the beach, and standing in the water for hours waiting for fish. The rhythmic pull and push of the tides giving time for deep contemplation and reflection of life and self. Being a mother of 5 the time in the water fishing is a time to recharge - Mom's fishing - the children become more independent yet also feel the 'united in purpose' of the gathering of food for the winter, every one shares, cares, guides, and helps.
My life includes those with special abilities, your analogy resonates with my thoughts and experiences. We never know when or what kind of fish will swim into our nets. I am looking forward to seeing your work in print.

Submit it immediately before you edit out the rush that I felt reading it. I want to stand there shoulder to shoulder in the freezing water with my family at my back, a prayer in my head and a net in my hands. You are a beautiful writer and this is a perfect piece about you.

Thanks Shelley, that was my hope.

And Edna thank you for understanding it so completely, that time in the water fishing is work but such a nice break, from life, from parenting, even when its slow, I treasure my time in the water. We've been blessed with sunshine for the past three summers so I'm sure that helps:) We have friends who use boats and have invited us and though i know we'd catch more fish I'm not yet willing to give up the beach experience of community and all being in it together.

Thank you Fleming I just emailed it of to Brainchild and am also checking into a couple other ideas I have for possible publication. Love you my old friend:)

This is beautiful!! I just loved it and it made me want to go fishing. I wouldn't change a thing!

Beautiful, as always. I'm glad you've already submitted it. good for you! send it - send it - send it - more fortunate readers await your posts, although they don't know it yet. What about "The Sun" magazine? http://thesunmagazine.org/about/submission_guidelines/writing

Thanks Ivy:)

Louise, I'm a subscriber to the Sun and sent an essay to them a few years back that was not accepted, thanks for reminding me to try them again:)

Submit it. You're an amazing author, I can guarantee that this will be published!

Loved it!

I loved it! I didn't want to read it at first because I could see it was long and didn't want to take the time. I started reading anyway and finished before I realized. You are a talented writer!

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