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I wish you were around to intervene in my home sometimes! This post made me think how it is even more important for you to go out on a date night or for the weekend if you are that lucky, and leave your kids in someone's capable care. You never shut off when you are together and it is critical to do that once in awhile too. Take care of yourself friend!

thank you for your honesty, your openness and your amazing writing - for painting a picture of the life of dear Elias and his loving family - so that we can all continue to learn and grow. i continue to stand in awe of the 4 of you... xo

Thanks Flem:) On the 13th we are off to see Alabama Shakes and I know a date night will be good for both of us. What makes it hard is we worry about someone watching both kids b/c we don't want them to have to intervene during one of Elias's "attacks' on his sister so we divvy them up. But luckily Nick's parents often help, and Ms. Julia and now a family friend Reni who I once babysat is old enough to watch Olive. And she is always happy to go to here friends houses. Still searching for a Mary Poppins figure:)

Thank you Cheryl, writing helps me make sense of my world and so I am just thankful for the opportunity to share and receive wonderful comments like yours:)

I wonder what Elias would think if you asked him "What if someone who couldn't walk at all was angry that you can and they wanted to run over you with their wheelchair?" or some variation of that. Would he be amazed that someone might envy him? Could he picture the danger of being the recipient of envious anger? Glad you have a date night coming!

Beautiful post about the complexities of loving our kids as they are. Haven't been commenting much but still reading and living your work. Can't wait to see it print in brain child or elsewhere. Love the dip netting one too. Such great description and imagery felt like I was there.

Tabatha, I'll have to try that type of question, not sure how he would respond. I like the thought...

Thank you Kate, and good, as always, to hear from you:)

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