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Love that! I wish I could have the best thing to say pop into my head in every situation -- wouldn't that be amazing?? THAT would be a superpower!

An excellent question: one that makes me stop and think about my own son. At the moment, it's cooking (will stop everything and come watch and help when I start cooking) and cameras.

That actually made me teary. :( It's been a rough few days for my 9 yr old.

:) My smiley face was upside down.

Its been rough with Elias too Amanda so if he asked the question in a different way--what's he like?-- I would have answered from my current perspective of feeling so challenged by Elias's behaviors. Instead it forced me to think about what Elias likes, what motivates him, what are his core interests...a totally different answer:) Like Tracy said cooking and cameras with Elias its all housing features and street names. Tabatha, superpower indeed--the right question at the right moment, always. Wow!:)

love it. makes me wish all people had a visual representation of their interests - like a comic book thought bubble - hanging over their heads, so everyone could see the unique, curious, fascinating mind and spirit housed in each of us. In yoga there's the practice of bowing to the others in your class and saying "I honor the light within you" - sometimes I say that in my head when I see a person whose outward appearance causes me to feel disconnected from their humanity. It sounds like your teammate has the gift of seeking the light in others.

I LOVE meeting my new students every year and finding out what they're into! Over my years as an SLP, I've had the chance to learn an amazing amount about Australian cattle dogs, dragons, trains, the Titanic, wolves, Hot Wheels, and many other topics my kiddos have been fascinated with! Their passion for their areas of interest is incredible!

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