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I love this! And even at my ripe old age, I needed to hear it. I am happy to count you in my herd for so many reasons.

so true. thanks.

You are such a gifted writer!! Hope Nick had a wonderful birthday yesterday!
Can't wait to have your parents here on the 31st- it has been way too long!!
Keep writing!!

Thank you all, I wrote this after a week of "girl drama" at school and then found out that Olive is also starting to "sort" friends at preschool and it made me want scream. I love my friends, every one, and am so glad that I am no longer in that place of vying for first place. I cant even count the number of heartbroken girls I've supported over the years over this issue and its the least favorite part of my job bc it just keeps cycling around...and around. Today I had a girl in my room and drew a picture of her on top of a ladder of friends and another picture with her in the middle of a circle of friends and we discussed the difference between the two images.

this is great Christy! I wish I had the healthy perspective about friends I have now back when I was a kid. Why was I so stingy with friendship? And so reluctant to even be friendly with those who weren't "cool"? I'm trying to talk to my son about this, about how we misuse social power and create hurt with exclusion, it's all kinda about power and control, isn't it? And I think the social drama has a lot to do with kids feeling like they have so little they can control, so they misuse this one type of power a lot. I love the image you created for your student. A circle of friends, a web of support, enough love and kindness to spread around, and around. Love you, friend!

That's funny because I always get accused of calling everyone my best friends :)

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