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Just beautiful

That is so sweet. My son does not have disabilities and he gets very aggravated with his sister sometimes and is mean to her and says he was happier before she was born. Yet, she continues to adore him. So happy for this breakthrough of sorts for all of you, but especially for Olive who I can tell adores her big brother so much. I really enjoy your blog. It may be as close to Alaska as I ever get.

<3 <3 <3

This entire post has me beaming- I'm so happy there is some well-deserved equilibrium coupled with sibling enjoyment! Congratulations to you all for reaching an unheralded but epic milestone!

Thank you all for following along and for celebrating right along with me.

Steph, I often have to remind myself that my typical big brother wasn't so nice to me till we were in HS so not all of Elias's attitude towards his sister is due to the way he sees the world. thanks for sharing:)

This is huge. So glad for these wonderful, affirming moments. ANd his comment about family of three might simply mean he is not including himself as opposed to Olive in his count.

I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief for you! And I'm glad you're taking time to enjoy this development. Elias is so full of surprises and is always changing, like any kid, but in his case it seems he's intent on disproving whatever label he's been given. Love that spirit! Celebratory hugs to you!

Sorry for the long silence Christy...just life and busy and blah-bla. I continue to read and learn and laugh and mourn right along with you. These pictures are awesome no matter how blurry or short lived. I was complaining the other day that our son was acting " crazy and out of control" to which my hubby replied," I acted like that until college." No explanation mark, just dead pan. I was reminded AGAIN, how much I have to learn as a mother and why I knew that this would be the greatest adventure of my life, bar none. How is the project in Seward? Keep up with the pictures because spring in Alaska is so completely absurd in its beauty (I only know that because of you!). xox.

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