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Oh Christy, I love this.

Dad hopes you never stop calling and describing all your highlights!

Never change! Your happiness both fuels your kids happiness and continues to inspire them!


It is NOT selfish to take care of ourselves! In fact, I find that if I don't make it a priority to take care of me, then I don't do it! And then I am NOT the kind of mom I want and need to be for my 11 yo son with autism - or my older kids (who are now adults! at 18 and 21, but guess what, they do still need part of me!). Feeling grrrrrrr at that comment just now...

If everyone knew what fed their soul, like sports do for you, and they made it a priority to DO that thing... just think how much happier, healthier, and more productive the whole world would be! You set a great example for all of those who get so caught up in giving we forget to step away and rejuvenate. Martyrdom isn't the path to a good life. Feeding our souls is.

Play on!

Oh, and DUH, CENTERED, obviously. ;-)

I think of it like the airline oxygen masks, you have to put yours on first to be able to help take care of others!

I was able to forgive the selfish comment (sort of after stewing on it) bc the man who said it just doesn't get it, I don't believe he has children so he can't understand the inaccuracy of his words. We all know we are better parents when we fuel ourselves first, yes, like the oxygen masks on planes:) Thanks all for getting it and for your support!

Well said Christy, I like to read your posts and updates. I love everyone of them. I admire you as the person you are. And selfish? No way, you deserve to have a time of your own. Enjoy doing what you like and are passionate about! Love you

The best blog ever for you and your darling husband. You two are the best parents ever and even more so that you take time for the two of you- your children need that just as much!!!
Can't wait to catch up with your parents on the 31st when they stay with me for two days

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