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THAT is a wonderful rejection!!

Sounds like next year is in the bag. You are a terrific writer and it's great to see them acknowledge that.

It is nice to see someone appreciate reviewers, and I'm glad you got supportive ones! As an academic, I've been on both sides of the reviewer-reviewee fence many times, and reviews can be a powerful opportunity to mentor someone rather than tear a person down. I imagine you will write supportive reviews of other writers someday!

darn! But talk about a silver lining. I Agree with the comment above - a fabulous rejection letter. (Next year! Next year!) <3

I'm fascinated by the first critic's comments you quoted. "Did not represent herself well" - so you can't just be an artist, you have to be able to sell yourself. That's such a tough thing to do, especially when you are a person who puts others first so often, out of need and desire. So I totally get your response: it's hard to explain what we do from the heart. Just keep plugging away and you will emerge, maybe even without having to write that darn statement! Brava to you, Christy.

Thanks all. It was really nice to read positive feedback especially after seeing that darn word, "unfortunately." And I do have a lot of work to do on the whole "selling side" of being a writer/artist. This doesn't come as naturally and yet it is a component of putting myself out there as a writer. And yes, i so appreciate the reviewers, especially that second one for taking the time to build me up and not just tear me down.

That's great feedback, I especially agree with this line "I looked at her blog and love the work she is generating, consistently, despite the pressures upon her." YES!!! This is one of the amazing things about you - your DRIVE. I say, get back on the horse! If you need anyone to read your NEXT application before you send it there are lots of us here who would jump at the chance to assist you. Sometimes it helps to have your fan club sell you - first to yourself, and then to others. We all come back again and again because you've captivated us with your writing. Let us help sell you to the larger world. The larger world NEEDS you... even more than you need that laptop and childcare.

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