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Good job, Christy. I'm sure going back to the store was all kinds of annoying to have to do, but a worthy lesson was learned.

Once I did a dollar store shopping spree with my two daughters; they each got 5$ to spend, but the youngest wanted to hold her money and lost it after a while. She returned the items she picked without drama, but those lessons are not the pleasant part of parenthood. ''Be honest'' and ''careful with money'' are valuable ones though.

It sounds like this trip out of this house turned out to be a valuable experience for both the little ones. A very productive day indeed!

My hope is this is the last time we will have to make a second trip like this. When I asked her that night what she learned from the experience she seemed to understand that stealing affects more than just her. And she didnt even whine when she lost dessert and ipad time.

Excellent, excellent parenting, Christy. I give you so much credit for both the follow-through regarding Olive's transgression AND for the fun "treasure hunt" idea that was stressful to manage but made a necessary errand into a fun adventure. You win parenting for this day (despite your little thief)!!!

Great job, Christy. I had to do this too, btw. But what I want to comment on is your son's empathy. He saw that his sister was going to get into big trouble and he tried to navigate her way out of it for her. I know he is making you crazy right now but I think that is a beautiful thing.

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