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So glad to checkin and find a new post! And so relieved he is okay. And love the pictures of your unfolding dream scape. Glad you got away for awhile but glad you're back too.

I'm so happy for you guys that you're finding a new place to dig this hole that means home! Four of the most wonderful people, tough and tender and beautiful. I miss you guys and am so proud of you.

That split second or two, and the aftermath of What Could Have Happened (and being bodily reminded how fragile life is), is so terrifying isn't it? So glad he's okay; so totally understand the thousand and one thoughts behind that one gasp.

How fulfilling and exciting, and what backbreaking work, to be finally digging in to your dream! Good luck with the shit hole -- and all the parts that come after!


Good to be back, Kate, even briefly, before our next adventure. And yes, it is so satisfying to finally be making a dream a few steps closer to coming trues. YAY!

Miss and love you too Ginna, thanks as always for your love and support.

Candice, that moment, yes, brings everything into perspective, at least during teh aftermath before we get caught up in our heads again. And yes, thank god he fell well:)

A great memory both of them will have forever and tell stories about it many years down the road!

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