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this is reminding me of the quote, " When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window." Sounds like your window opens up on a beautiful view!

15.7 mile trail run?!? You go girl. And enjoy the view and time to self. And schedule your next one while still basking in the glow from this one. Glad the afterschool piece tentatively fixed. Cautiously optimistic. Hope back to school/work continues to go well!

amazing that the run was for CF -- thank you!! xo

Responding and adapting to changes rather than worrying...like children and trees can do. Can adults rewind our brains to do that too?

Love you Ebeth and yes, we hope to do it again next year:)

Greta, god I wish I could, worrying is my own worst enemy.

Fleming and kate, I am hopeful about the new plan and do love the idea of turning a closed door into an open window.

Love to all!!

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