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While I had no doubt Olive would rise to the challenge, I was still holding my breath until the last section. So glad it's going well for her, and thus for you. We are a week into 1st grade, and the difference from last fall is remarkable. No morning tears! No begging to be homeschooled! Last fall almost broke me, and now he marches happily into the classroom and claims he's "famous" on the playground... They grow so much so quickly. Hope you have a restful weekend planned to recharge after the ups and downs of the past weeks.

Great read. I am so reassured by your choice to send your kids to the diverse neighborhood school. We're planning to do the same in a few years for the same reasons. I worry if it's the right choice but I want to invest in our own community.

It is always so hard to know what is best for our kids. Olive skipped all the way home from school on her second day so I'm still feeling good about being part of our neighborhood school even if there is always some worry in my pocket as well. One day at a time....

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