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OMG guys, I'm so sorry to hear this. Please share a hug and a kiss with each of the kiddos for me.


Save a big, long bear hug for each of the two of you.

I miss you both and am looking forward to stopping in to say hi unexpectedly next year!

They told you they couldn't help you, but they didn't offer an alternative? What the heck? That stinks. Around here, high school students need volunteer hours to graduate, so they take on service-learning projects. I wonder if there are any high schoolers who want to be special ed teachers who could help? Just brainstorming. Good luck!

This just sucks. I'm sorry.

I am so distressed to hear of your struggles. I will carry you and Elias in my heart.

What about your public school? They have to accommodate his IEP by law.
I know its not the answer you are looking for, but believe me I feel your pain!

Camp Fire is the before and after care program at his public school where I work. So our current plan while I look for an alternative after-school setting is that he can still attend Camp Fire but I am on call to change him when needed b/c they wont do diaper changes anymore. One of my staff members told me yesterday that Myrna had told her that CF had said last year that Elias would be out of the program if she wasn't there due to behavior issues (he scratched a girl once and the parents complained). None of this was communicated to me. So yes, I'm frustrated. They also said he can attend if we had one on one support for him which we don't currently have outside of the school day. So we are ammending out state plan of care to try to get Day-Hab hours (a 45 day process at least) and we applied for the Arc of Anchorage which offers an after school program for middle school kids with special needs and my thought is he can be in my office in the morning. What sucks is Olive is starting Kindergarten and is signed up for Camp Fire and I'm not looking foreward to a pending conversation with Elias about why she is in Camp Fire and he will no longer be attending once a new plan is in place. And I'm back at work as of yesterday.

I can't believe the hoops you have to jump through when you are already taxed by a son with special needs. The system is so backwards! I know you are swamped. Remember to breathe, call on those new friends you met at "camp" since they may have been where you are right now and know that this community of yours is thinking about you and sending love. Sometimes, that is all we can do.

Is this even legal. Isn't he covered by ADA? A 1/1 strikes me as a reasonable accommodation. I know you are in a somewhat awkward position because of your job, but a little pushback couldn't hurt.

Sucks. I'm with Fleming that maybe some of the camp people have some recommendations? Some kind of expedited approval process on the 1:1 coverage? Other local students studying special ed at college level? Is there a written policy that supports this decision by school program??? I don't know but so sorry you are juggling this after a great time away and coinciding with the whole back to school/work thing. Hugs.

I have been thinking about you and this crappy turn of events all week. I am so sorry it happened and for the awful timing! I wish there was more I could do rather than hold you all in my thoughts. I hope you can feel the empathy (from a stranger, no less) over the 'net.

I realize I'm late to the game here, but I'm so saddened when I hear that kids with special needs are just discarded or discounted, like things can be rearranged easily. One would think after 5 years and the relationship I'm sure you've cultivated with the caregivers, someone would be open to helping more. Either way, I hope Elias can get what he needs and what he deserves.

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