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Wow. That post was bitter. I'm not even sure who it was aimed at; Americans? Republicans? the World? I really hope (and do believe) that the majority of people care about the children in their lives. The beauty of your posts is the fact that while burdened you still find the good, the hope, the promise of a better tomorrow. This post was just depressing.... I'm going to head to the mall and buy some fingerless gloves so I can more easily manage my electronics while texting and driving. LOL.

This was so well said, Christy. How anyone can deny climate change while it is staring us all in the face is absurd. I'm Canadian, but I follow US politics closely (unfortunately it's like a train wreck you can't look away from). I'm shocked to learn that Obama is the first sitting president to visit the Arctic. REALLY? That's crazy! Alaska has been a state since the 50's(?) and not one other leader has bothered to visit the far North?

Your garden is gorgeous by the way and, as usual, your writing touched me today as it has for the many years I've been reading here.

Teresa, sorry to depress you and I hope you did find the perfect pair of fingerless gloves:) I tend to get a bit overwhelmed every fall and can lean toward the glass half empty side. I too believe that the majority of Americans, left and right, care about the children in their lives and the earth that holds us. Its the political rhetoric that frustrates me, especially the denial of climate change when up here in Alaska it is changing right in front of us, and whole ways of life are already threatened. It is not a someday possibility but a reality here right now. So for me if the pundits want to use terms like pro-life and family values this must include environmental stewardship, acceptance of diversity, and programs to support people in need. And every fall as I return to work at my Title one school and the crazy juggling balance of all that it holds, and the childrens' stories of not enough (love, food, respect..) I find myself wishing I could retreat into the woods away from society and some of the ills we hold. Thank you Teresa for your honesty.

Vicky, thank you. Right now I am missing my garden as I return to work. Other presidents have come to Alaska but none have ventured above the arctic circle to see what us in Anchorage call "true Alaska" where native people continue to live subsistence lifestyles in harmony with the land. And FYI, I have often wished I was from Canada based on US politics , especially since 911:)

Please never stop writing- you open my old eyes to many wonderful and sad things- I can't wait until the day that I get to hug up on your whole family. You make me treasure my Canadian heritage- my father's family was/is Canadian so you are indirectly part Canadian. Unfortunately our great uncle was head of the Canadian forces during WWII and was a disaster.
Our family has an island 150 miles north of Toronto that is now owned by my cousin so yours indirectly.

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