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Oh so gorgeous- are these peonies- my most favorite flower??
Heard that you are spending Christmas on the Cape- I know your Mom and Dad are counting the days!!

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling low - I firmly believe in the restorative powers of sleep and I hope tomorrow is much, much better.

Feel better. I know you have your reasons…and I trust you will also have your reasons to get out of bed when you are ready!

Been there done that. Hope things lighten up soon. Meanwhile here reading and offering virtual support. Hang in there

Yes Noel, they are Peonies, one of my favorites too. The Cape will be a much needed break. Thank you Kristen, Danielle, and Kate, I am better but still can't shake the cold, at least my head isn't pounding and my hearts a little lighter after some quality time with Nick this weekend and some time to myself.

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