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Oh Christie, my mama heart aches along with yours! And my mama bear is hardly able to not March out onto that playground and knock some sense, compassion and kindness into those instigating kids!

This was very hard to read. Hits close to home. I just wish this type of bullying behavior could be fixed and never happen again. I want those trouble makers to get into trouble over that. Harrumph!!!!!

Ah, thank you Janie and Stacy, its good to know you got my back:) I think what made this even more confusing is one or two of the kids playing are my shining star helper kids who seem to genuinely like Elias so part of me was happy to see him playing until what was going on unfolded before me. Now I trust them all a little less, though I like to think there were multiple layers of interaction going on at once. Hoping for a better week...

Hi Christy,

This is Don Livingston. I lived next to your mom and Uncle Win and Uncle Steve and have many happy memories growing up together. In reading your post I felt a strong theme of compassion, by Elias, you and some of the kids. The Dalia Lama said something like "we don't need more successful people, we need more compassionate people." Elias'compassion enables some kids to be compassionate to him, and thus those kids become examples of compassion to those less compassionate, and compassion spreads. You are awesome, and what an exciting future you have to look forward to with Elias.

Hits home with me too. I was so glad when my son got out of middle and high school. His Transition Center years saved him and made him the confident, happy guy that he is now. Hang in there momma! I HATE BULLYING!!!!

I admire what Don had to say because honestly, after reading your post, I wanted to throttle those kids myself. I had an experience like that when my son was being picked on at the pool during a game of "gutter ball". When I saw what was going on, I called out the only kid whose name I knew and asked if he thought his mom, whom I repeated to him that I knew, would like the way he was playing. The boy practically started to cry. I forget how powerful an adult's words can be. Hang in there and try to sleep and eat well.xo.

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