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I recall once upon a time in a medical research paper in my educational career, I questioned the viability of a micro-preemie who required life saving measures upon birth and repeatedly thereafter...Elias changed both my opinion and my paper. I will forever regret our missed chance to meet in Florida. You are an amazing Mom and he is a truly exceptional, amazing guy. Please forgive my once upon a time ignorance.

Oh, Christy! You are such a good Mom! Elias is so lucky to have you and of course to have Nick and Olive!! I love you!! Can't wait to see you next weekend!!

He's one awesome kid, Christy!

You guys are growing together, toward the light. You ARE the light. Much love, and know that reading your blog has informed how I raise my children. I just had a super interesting/difficult opportunity to connect with my youngest around themes of difference, compassion, and how /whether to make amends for a thoughtlessness (not cruelty) that might have gone unnoticed or might not have. It was so important, so real, and I hope, hope, hope that all of our children can bring understanding and compassion to the world.

Deanna, of course you are forgiven my long distance friend. Who knows, maybe another opportunity will happen sometime. I remember when I worked as a NICU Parent Navigator the docs were discussing this same topic and I spoke up about how you cant measure quality of life by medical outcomes alone. Thank you for letting me know Elias influenced your paper:)

And Danielle your words brought a huge smile to me this morning I love the image of you talking to your son , inspired by Elias's story.

I did decide to speak to the main boy. At first I turned it over to our principal since we usually don't give victim's parents access to the bully but when I learned he denied it and said they were just playing I pulled him aside at the end of recess. At first he tried to deny to me and I just said calmly that I saw him do it multiple times and then he said, "Ok, since you are his Mom and you don't like it I'll stop." Here's to the power of Mom over principal and counselor.

Elias continues to teach us all, near and far, that he is so much more than we imagine. And your perception as a mom, and a counselor, give him fertile ground for his continued emotional development. Just in the few years I've been reading your blog he's grown so so much! I commend you on confronting the bully - such a challenging situation and so impressive you could keep your cool and get him to hear you. (My mama bear anger is the hardest thing to overcome rationally.)

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