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sending a giant hug from the chilly east coast.

Hope things are resolving themselves into more light, less gravity. Best from Zurich

Christy, I always love reading your blog, taking away nuggets of wisdom, empathy, humor, and hope. These words today resonated with me so much though, bringing tears to my eyes, I just wanted to say thank you:

It's been a rough stretch, both at work and at home, more gravity less light, but it seems to be lifting, just a little, as Spring stretches our days, and the heat of the sun reminds me that the only constant is change. With change comes a longing for what we leave behind mixed with hope for what lays ahead."

Everyone's challenges and sadnesses may be and look different, as you said to your advisee, but we as humans share remarkably common emotions. Thank you for sharing yours, as you helped put words to mine. :-)

Ah, thank you Sara for letting me know my words spoke to your heart.

Hugs to all!

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