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Oh my goodness - congratulations. Reading this post gave me shivers. I'm a long-time reader and have followed your writings across the various blogs - I'm so thrilled you are following your dreams and can't wait to keep reading about what happens next.

If you jointly filed an IRS tax return ... the smaller salary is taxed at the higher combined salary tax bracket, which usually equates to big losses unbeknown to most ... so, perhaps you will end up keeping more salary in the end, as most smaller salaries are wiped out because of the higher tax bracket ... It will work out, better, in the long run ... just trust your instincts :-)

So happy for you!!!! <3

Congratulations! I admire your adventurous spirit and I look forward to reading all about it.

So happy for you and your family. Thought of you often this year as I left FCS after 36 years. Your contributions there are safely in my memory bank as I launch anew - this time to the State Legislature - hopefully. If I ever manage to hit the ground again in Alaska, you will be my first call. In sisterhood, Lois

So exciting. I love following all your adventures: may Seward be a place of much joy and creativity. Can't wait to read what you write.

Christy, this is AMAZING news! I am so HAPPY for your family. What an inspiration your are. Making dreams happen. You and Nick are so inspiring. Can we visit someday? ;)

Excellent! Good for you and your family! Valerie

Congratulations to the Jordan's! TJ told me Nick got a job so onward through life you go to a bigger and Better chapter full of changes and excitement! Don't forget the city dwellers and visit often'. Love you all! Ginnie

Reading this gave me chills up and down and nearly made me cry. Wow! That would be such a dream come true. Congratulations on your courage to step out of your normal and into a dream. I hope it is what your family needs.

Such wonderful news! I am so excited for all of you as you follow this dream and start a new chapter in Seward. Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic news, and congratulations!!

That is so awesome!!! Follow your dreams and trust your instinct. Best wishes along the way from a reader in Oregon.

Love reading all your comments today and yes, please come visit once we get settled. Our hope is to have a guest cabin or two someday as well:)

Nick and Christy I am so happy that you are making your dream come true.
Lots of hard work ahead but you already know that. Congratulations and love to all of you.

congratulations. you are so lucky to be able to make your dream come true. Yes you can survive on one salary, just find the ways to make it happen. Being the parent of a child with severe disabilities is a fulltime job by the way.

It seems like a dream come true and you get to live it while still so young to enjoy it. Congratulations!!

(Not for posting, but just wondering if you ever thought of submitting any of your blogs to themighty.com? You are insightful and many would enjoy reading them)

Huge! Can't wait to follow along on your new adventure! Hope it is everything you hope and then some.

You are one of the most soul- and body/courageous people I know. Live your dream. A safety net of love is strung under you at all times. WOW!!

Cheers to making dreams come true!

Wonderful news!! Congratulations!!

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