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Loved hearing and seeing you tell this story of the beginning of your great love story! Thanks for sharing.

Fantastic--you are a born storyteller. I want to be in your tribe, sitting around your fire! Funny--your voice is not what I imagine (not that I even realized I had ever imagined your voice.)Your words, your tempo, everything here works together beautifully. And the story is a great one. (I met my first true love on a wilderness trip, too...)

Wow! An amazing love story, told so well it gave me chills.

Thanks all, I realize I love telling stories as much as I love writing them:)

WONDERFUL! I've read this piece, but it's so moving hearing you speak it. Great delivery. Makes me miss your voice, and the glow of your physical presence. (I'm catching up with your writing after an exhausting month of packing and moving to Savannah, GA. So glad I'm using your blog to procrastinate getting a job.) Looking forward to watching your progress on your new property, and the development of your garden there. We are also starting over! Hopefully this move is the last big one for a long time, for both our families!

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