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I know exactly how you feel. Our recent move was bittersweet. We left behind wonderful friends and neighbors, who are going to scatter in time from one college town to another, and who are already much too far away to visit. And our little house, where we'd lived only one year, but was so cozy and fit us so well. We also left our son's great school, and it's magical garden, where I'd volunteered hundreds of hours planting, tending and teaching kids. It broke my heart to say goodbye to our son's first best friend, and to my friend, who had become as close as a sister, now pregnant with her first baby, whose birth I will miss... it hurt far more than I'd have guessed it could, since we'd only lived there two years. But like you, I feel things deeply, and such is the price we pay. I honor you for acknowledging both sides of an exciting move, as sometimes I feel like people try to rush us past the heartbreak to focus on the new opportunities. The loss is real, too.

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