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This had me in tears. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family my with the world. You are, each of you, truly special.

Oh boy.
I have this issue, too.
I think you are doing an amazing job...or more to the point, Olive is doing an amazing job...and will present herself to the world as is...when she is ready. She is practicing on you--your loving family is bolstering her in the interim.
I CLEARLY remember the day in Grade 10 (yeah, it ook me a long time) when I looked around and thought: who the hell cares what THEY think? Haven't looked back since. Give her time and keep applauding.

Just keep modeling independent behavior, as you do, and remember, she is 6 years old! She is so mature in so many ways, it makes it hard to remember she's really very young. If ever a child I know only through print looked like she would be fine, it's Olive.

She will get there becuase you are her mom!

I love her costume. Hope she does wear it! She is so creative just like her Mom. I do remember all those evening or late afternoon performances - your brother was a saint to take part in some of your plays.

Thanks all. I think having one atypical kid I sometimes forget that this is part of development to have different selves that we show the world, family, friends. I was sad her feelings about her costume did such a 180 from pride to embarrassment and yet Olive being self-conscious in public is not new. She is often far more brave at home than in public and I guess I can be that way too. After putting myself out there I often want to hide for a bit afterwards. Thanks all for your input and support.

Don't forget that some of this is skill building...you know, knowing what is needed at what time and how to play along when it is necessary. I don't mean squashing her enthusiasm or creativity but seeing how others perceive her will be a skill later on even if for now it seems like capitulating to the societal beast. She will keep her voice but she will better understand how and when to command it with practice. Your heart dies a bit but it is only temporary because I already see Piper finding her youthful voice again only now it uses mature words. Oh and awesome elevator idea! I can't believe that this was the first time it occurred to him! Maybe next year he can be a google map!

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