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I'm touched that you are making the big trek to be at the march. I'm going, but it's easy for me.
I agree with what you say, but I'd like to note that it's not like there isn't sexism in countries with men of other races. (Sexism -- and diversity -- is a struggle everywhere.)

Yay! I'm so glad you're going! My daughter and I leave Denver for D.C. tomorrow. The thought of joining together with hundreds of thousands of others to stand up for human rights has helped get us through these dark days since the election. March on!

I marched in the one where I live, Central Oregon. It was awesome!

March on, my friends, march on.

Yes T.A., I didn't mean to imply that sexism doesnt exist outside white culture, only that the white story has been the predominent one in our country, so people of color are oppressed along with women. Thanks for clarifying this:)

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