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Wow, this post gave me goosebumps! Thank you for sharing so much. I marched in our small town in Central Oregon, over 3000 turned out! It was amazing and inspiring on so many levels. You are so right, we have so much more work to do!

This is beautiful, Christy. Your thoughts echo mine. White privilege is a tough to think about and accept. I like to think I got where I am by my hard work only, but can't be sure that is true. I really identified with the paragraph starting "And I guess I want to ask my white middle class friends..." It was wonderful and beautiful and empowering to watch those marches, but who was missing and why? Thank you for tackling the difficult subject, once again.

Thank you dear readers.. Honestly, if my friend Cat hadnt read me one of her friend's comments posing the idea that we were received so well by the police because we were mostly white, I dont know if I would have thought of it. Privilege can be so blinding-- so yes, we all need to keep opening our eyes wider and wider...

I loved marching in D.C. with my daughter and our diverse group of friends but I'm even prouder of the actions we have taken in the week since - calling our Senators and Representative, sending postcards to the President, donating to charities that work with the disenfranchised and vulnerable (and doing it in Mike Pence's honor). Your Senators (esp. Murkowski) will play an important role in the issues the marchers care about so I hope they are hearing your voice - esp about public education and Betsy DeVos since your background lends credence to your views. Keep on keepin' on!

Awesome Kristen! Yes, i have called Murkowski and spoke with a nice young staffer about all the reasons I oppose DeVos as both an educator and a parent. I love that you donated in Pence's name!

And one thing I didn't say in this post that gives me hope is that the March itself was organized by primarily young women of color.

March on, my fellow resisters, march on...

Thank-you, again.

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