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Love love Love Love love to all of you. So proud of you and your courage in all aspects of life.

You, as always, are amazing.

That is awesome!! Congratulations, and fantastically done!!

The power of an aggressive cut and edit: hard as they may be, they almost always help to strengthen. The words are as stellar as always. Would have loved to be in the audience!

Bravo to you, and Nick for supporting you in all ways.


Great story. You are an excellent writer. I am Jerry's mom. I Remember Elisa as a baby when Jerry took care of him. You and Nick are such great parents. Would have loved to have heard your story on the Moth radio show. Glad you got picked for the story slam. You have a way with words that touch the heart. Thanks for sharing.

That was incredible as always and I remember when you first posted that story. You and Nick are amazing and humbling.

what an amazing edit of the original story. even more powerful the second time around. you deserved to win. love does hurt and it always feels so good to hear someone else confirm it. thanks Christy!

So great Christy!

Love you all--thank you so much for your words of support!!!!

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