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You would be so proud of your son today. He was learning about Hammurabi's code. The reading passage talked about how history has learned so much from studying the laws from Hammurabi's time, including that men were superior to women.
When I asked him about his opinion, he was adamant that men and women were equal. We all had an extended talk about why women and men should be equal, or not. Elias was always the first one to speak up and state that men and women should be equal. They should have equal rights. They have equal abilities.
Just thought you should know, and be the proud mama that you should be.

Jess, I'm late to say how much I love that you shared this. I read your comment the night you submitted it just in time to tell Elias how proud I was of him before he went to bed. Its great that he cant even imagine why men and women wouldnt be equal:)

You should be proud! I love that he can't imagine why men and women wouldn't be equal!!!!

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