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Unhappiest next year to you! I hope you get to continue doing nothing...

Happy Birthday young woman! I remember freshman year when I first realized that my roommate was an entire year younger than me, but shared a birthday month and how we all laughed at how young she was until you came in and told us that you were even younger! No wonder we had so much to learn in just 4 short years. Sounds like you had the perfect birthday.

Sounds like a perfect birthday!

That first paragraph would be perfect on a birthday card with the photo of your candled celebration. I would love to send that to friends with your quote. Your writing is always enriching, like a delicious menu. Happy Birthday !

Less balloons and more solitude...love this as it is so true.

Happy belated birthday, Christy! That sounds like a perfect day to me!!

Feeling so loved by you all even if it took me a few days to respond. Thanks for your kind words and for being part of my virtual community. Cheers!!!

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