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I actually really get that about the wind. It can be so unnerving. Have you ever seen the movie "The Martian"? Right after Matt Damon's character loses his potato crop meant to sustain him until supplies would arrive, he has secured his living environment and is counting the remaining potatoes and the wind continues to howl outside and makes the plastic of his shelter crinkle and flap loudly and Matt's character just grits his teeth and closes his eyes until the moment passes. We live on a windy hill and twice our trampoline took flight ripping a gash in the side of a metal downspout and landing dangerously close to our cars which were 100 degrees away..I still wake up and clench my fists in a big storm and my nervous system is fairly in tact as well. Sensory stuff is so tricky because the tipping point is always changing.

That is well said Flem, that "the tipping point is always changing", it makes it so hard to know when he's goint to blow!

And yes, the wind makes me grit my teeth at times too. Its calm here today but we often get bitter cold north winds or winds that come straight from the sea. Glad your trampoline missed your cars! Love and hugs my friend:)

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