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My mantra as a school counselor was to just help one kiddo each year. If I could positively help one see life just a little different it was a good year. So sorry for your loss. Valerie

Wow, Christy! So powerful!

Valerie, thank you, I have always learned from you. When I started I wanted to help them all and felt like it was my responsibility to turn all their lives around. This almost burned me out within my first year. When I adopted the mantra of love them fully when in front of me, it sure helped. I like the idea of positivly impacting one, reminds me of the starfish story: "I made a difference for that one."

Thank you Lynette! Hugs to you!

Christy, beautifully put as always. I struggle with all of these same issues in my work with patients. Trying to find the balance between what I can do for them and what they must do for themselves. My question for you is do you miss that work now or not? Sometimes thinking about pulling back and pouring energy elsewhere but then I worry I will miss it. So sorry to hear what happened to this boy and the woman he hurt. Thinking of you and them and all the ones who've come before and are yet to come.

I'm so sorry Christy. Knowing the size of your heart, the room you made for your students, I can only imagine. At least, for a brief moment he had you to provide some light.

Kate, I didnt miss the work last year, my first year off, it took almost six months to de-stress and for a while I couldnt imagine returning to counseling work. Now I find myself missing being in the thick of a school setting at times. I started working part time as an Advocate at a resource hub for people with disabilities and I'm liking the lower stress levels and still being able to help people, mostly seniors, and use some of my counseling skills. And yet I will always have part of my heart with children and adolescents and within the framework of schools.

Cricket, thank you my sweet role model counseling friend!

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