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This is terribly beautiful.

If it had not been for a Resource Officer and a teacher, at our local High school in Dixon, il. The results would not have been the same. The one that was shot was the victim himself. The armed officer and teacher saved many Seniors practicing for graduation.
Have a beautiful weekend!

Deb Bowers

Wow, Deb, thank you for sharing your story. I know there are so many more incidences than I even know. Wish it wasn't the case.

Thank you Laura.

The flowers are so pretty. Delicate, fantastical, yet hearty and tough. So many different colors. No matter how many columbines I encounter in our garden, the forest, or in town, each time I remember the high school in Littleton that shares its name with the CO state flower. The violence of that day, and so many more to come, and the beauty of this flower do not reconcile with one another. What beautiful images you capture! If anything, may the flower’s beauty remind us of nature’s constant harmony despite our endless, ignorant attempts to dismantle all that is good in this beautiful world.

Oh Greta, your comments always make me a little teary. I'd love to hike and talk with you someday in the mountains we love.

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