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Thank you for sharing this and please continue to share your thoughts. I have in the past few years become more aware of the unfair conditions within the judicial and prison systems (the book Just Mercy about put me over the edge...)
Good luck on the job switch, they are lucky to have you.
Julie A

What a beautiful heart you have, Christy! How lucky for your students to have you! I look forward to reading more about your journey as a teacher :-)!

Wow, what a brave career transition, Christy. I can't imagine how difficult parts of it must be, but I deeply admire your ability to see past the outside layer(s).

Also, I want to pass along this resource in case if could be of use -- https://defyventures.org/. I have met the founder, and would be happy to do an intro if it's of interest.

Big hugs, and best of luck!

I look forward to checking out the book Mercy--thank you Julie. And Sara thanks for your words, youmade my heart blush;) Sara I peeked at the link briefly and look forward to checking it out more and yes I'll be in touch about a possible intro soon--thank you my friend!

What an exciting new phase for you! I think you'll find more often than not that you will see glimpses of the boys these men were befor a lifetime of trauma changed all that. Can't wait to hear all about it. Wonder if you'll be able to lead a creative writing class or similar. Hope kids transition back to school going well.

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