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Oh, Christy, I know... Not to the extent you feel it, of course, and not in the exact circumstances - but the way you describe it resonates with my own heart!

I feel this so intimately. Beautifully written.

Sending you and your family love, always. ❤️

Yes. Beautifully written and sending love.

Strong hearts,strong family..so beautifully written

Thank you all for your loving kind comments, its fills my heart to know you are all following along on this journey. Love and light to all of you!

Oh dear Christy. Thank you for sharing even your most personal of thoughts. Your example of honesty, struggle and deep love lead the way for others. I love Elias. I love you too.

I feel this so strongly. My premie, autistic son is 13 1/2. And I could have written much of this post. Sending you love and strength.

Thank you Amanda and Cheryl. And love right back to both of you!

haven’t visited your blog in a while, RL has been extremely busy. but i hear you and get it. my daughter turns 22 this month. i am still learning to not look at that pocketful of dreams and live with her reality every day. not comparing her to my other adult kids or friends’ kids is hard.

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