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So sorry to hear about this unexpected loss. I wonder if his mind went to Lyndsay because that was another person he cared about that went away so seems similar to this loss. I think there is an element of mystery to all our kids especially as they move into adolescence. All we can do is continue to seek that connection with them. Grateful to share in your journey. Happy Thanksgiving Christy to you and your family.

I'm sorry that your community has lost Kim, a dear and creative person. Elias may feel that loss and respond to it in his own way, in his own time. I wish him well - and you, and Nick, and Olive.

Kate, its taken me a while to respond but your words were so helpful and I repeated your theory to Nick and some other close friends when we discussed the situation so THANK YOU for writing. I like to think that he made the leap to Lyndsay because she too represented a loss.

Linda, thank you as always for your love and support!

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