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When I was a school counselor and having a particular difficult time with one of the dads of three students, a friend of mine reminded me that he was once a baby held by his mother. Sure put it in a different perspective. Great writing Christy.

Thank you Valerie. I've been picturing the inmates I work with as young boys and it helps me let go of judgement for their behavior as men. Those who injure others more often than not were once deeply injured by others and so the cycles goes....

Hi, hate to be a wet blanket but I think it's been well proven that Rose was not a Holocaust survivor, since she was in the US at the time. (Snopes etc disprove this.) Also, the spelling is Shabbat or similar, not Sabot. Hate to be a pain but since you're a writer I thought you might like to know. Cheers and I love your writing.

Not a wet blanket Elaine, I THANK you for correcting my errors because the last thing I want to do is spread misinformation or spell the Shabbat wrong. I went back and fixed my spelling and corrected the way I described Rose to someone who was alive during the Holocaust (but not a survivor of the camps). I had read those first reports and didnt realize they were inaccurate. Please anytime you catch me writing errors let me know as I aim to write truthfully. Thanks for reading!

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