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I knew you would be smiling and saying "NO". If you are happy I am happy!! Happy Friday right back at you.

Beautiful pictures. When I heard that the earthquake had hit Anchorage, we checked the distance between there and Seward.
We prayed for the safety of your family and did message your Mom. All the while, John had checked with Andrew and we were so thankful that you were safe and no tsunami materialized. It is an experience. (We were in one in Japan....small but we bounced around in our beds! )

I have been retraumatized from patients this week. Being careful about selfcare. Breathing.

I know you just like asking the question Mom, as its become a tradition even when you know my answer. Love you!

Thank you Judy! We were so thankful no tsunami too.

Valerie, ive been thinking about all of you in Anchorage and the valley who defintely got hit harder than us here in Seward. Yes, breathe!

Glad to hear, in all regards, and relieved that you and yours are safe!

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