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Thank you, Christy! Another thoughtful and well-expressed column. I read aloud a couple of sentences to relatives whom I love but hesitate to discuss certain subjects with - and they agreed! We aren't so far apart after all. Another assumption about "the other" fell today. So grateful for the start you gave us toward that discovery!

Thank you, Christy! This was a gift to read at the beginning of the day - and year. Remember the notes we stuffed in between books on the shelves of the faculty room? You were always a writer, all the way back to Baldwin. :)

Linda thank you so much for sharing this anecdote about your family--I'm honored to be a part of the connection. and yes, we all are so much more alike than we often think.

Oh Greta I love that you reminded me of our note writing in the balcony of the faculty room. I talked with my parents yesterday and told them about your comment and my Mom said our notes could still be in some of those books. That would be a fun discovery at an alumni day:)

Was thinking the same. Perhaps our kids can help find them. Best to you and the Jordans. Think of you up in Alaska often!

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