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It’s so hard. I know my oldest sister whose now-18.5-year-old adopted son with fetal school syndrome has some of the same problems. He does competitive gymnastics so the guy is super strong, but sometimes he just has episodes of rage, triggered by the smallest thing. He ripped the door handle and grill off her car while we were out camping this summer when he was upset or frustrated about something. But the rest of the time he’s usually a sweet kid who likes nerf guns and legos and listening to music.

Hang in there....


Sometimes your articles are written just for me.

Candice thank you for sharing this story as I sometimes think everyone else has it easier. The combination of strength and rage can sure be scary, especially with these guys who aren't fully in control of their response systems. Give your big sister a hug from me:)

Kim I'm honored to write in a way that connects with you. Hugs to you as well!

And love to you Susan.

Yes, hang in there, as you seem to do so well.
Keep it up. You are doing a wonderful job.

So wonderful that you and N had a week relatively care free, doing what you love to do, free in the great outdoors.

Thanks! You and Nick are lanterns for many parents and others.
Elias and Olive, too!

xxoo C and W

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