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always one of my favorite evening reads..followingelias has been a window into a life(lives) that at times breaks my heart and at times makes my heart soar!! thank you christy!!!!

so sweet! :)

I so look forward to every time you do put words on paper and share them.
Happy birth day to Elias’s whole family!

Thank you for your touching and heartfelt words over the years. I remember when Mary shared your page with me, before I had ever even met you all. It has always been so good for me to read - the success, the real feelings, the downs, the ups, the real truth about what it’s like with our amazing, and oh so challenging babes. You put beautiful words to the journey, and it is appreciated!!

Beautiful. Beautiful boy, beautiful family, beautiful story, beautiful life.

You are not alone. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone.

I am always so humbled by your comments, by the fact that I write from my heart and people read my words, some I know and some I don't but I feel connected to all of you nonetheless. I am honored to have such a supportive community of readers. Thank you for making my life brighter!

when you write it's magic. thank you + love you.

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