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That certainly is love! It isn't always sweetness and light. Sometimes love is holding on, being there, having one's heart broken and remade.

I hope the time at he beach helped relieve some of the immense pressure and torment of it all. I’ve been there — different circumstances, of course — straddling that line between pretending things are fine with Anna while the helplessness rages inside. It’s so hard. ❤️❤️❤️

I once commented here about GAPS gluten free diet and my son behavior.
My son doesn’t have any aggression or violence anymore, thanks to a book and a supplement, even when he’s off the diet. We’re actually not on the diet anymore...
Ok it sounds very cliche and like a spam. Just if you’re interested, email me. I tried to type the information here but it’s too long and not everyone cares about it.

I would have broken wide open. Just too many feelings to share the same body at the same moment. I'm happy to hear that the wind and the cold and the dogs helped you make it back inside.

"This too is love.

Messy, complicated, painful, lonely, colorful love."

Oh how easy it is to enjoy the cliche Valentine's Day kind of love, the kind that we fooled ourselves to believe was true. If we only knew what we would uncover with time, children, and life unfolding, sometimes shattering.

The true kind is what remains when you stand against the gales off the sea that carry your screams up to the stars. It's the kind that you offer to those souls connected to you, when they are so whipped by the forces that be. How is it that the elements that strip us bare are also those that comfort us and make us feel true love?

Oh how I just love all of you for taking time to read what I write and then to write back to me. I find solace in your words, knowing I'm not the only one who has felt broken inside with a smile on my lips to play the parent role. Not the only one who gets at a core level that love is not all rose petals and birds singing. Thank you dear friends for being on this journey with me!

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