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I love reading about your family and outdoors adventures. But one thing you could eliminate, is you writing about your new job. The title of your blog is Following Elias. I don’t see any correlation between the two. Am I missing something?


Deb, you are correct, the title is Following Elias and this blog started as a parenting blog, but my lens is no longer primarily on my family; and since I am no longer in contract with Parents Magazine I tend to stray from the boxes that contain me and write about whatever is on my mind these days, and for the past few years I've been drawn to the political as well as the personal. I'm sure I've lost readers because of this and I appreciate you taking a moment to give me your feedback.

I can't promise I wont continue to add stories about my work but I will always circle back to motherhood, to following Elias (and Olive) in more ways than I can count.

As my children grow I am also becoming more aware of their own unique identities and the challenges that come from me telling their stories onlne when they are their own authors.

Thank you for reading, Christy

Lovely and powerful, as always.

Wow- strange synchronicity between tour family enjoying the frozen lake and the subsequent viral footage of the lake rolling. Obviously the filmer survived. I can't imagine the stomach drop and adrenaline feeling of standing in the middle of a rolling frozen lake! Beautiful synchronicity you capture in your writing, Christy.

Ebeth and Greta, thank you. And yes, Greta, he was able to bike back safely after the lake rolled. But oh so humbling and scary! I'm so glad it didn't happen while I stood there with the kids. I wanted to get even closer to the glacier and it was wise little Olive who told us we were close enough.

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