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I asked friends if they will send their kids to school... on a day a few weeks before THIS shooting you write about when a young woman threatening a Columbine-like event was on the loose in CO and there was a massive manhunt. Our schools were put on lockout. Denver schools were closed. The standard response from my friends: "the kids are prepared and have practiced these drills numerous times." I just can't accept that level of comfort or resignation. I feel trapped in the twilight zone when close friends confidently preach that our kids "know the drill." I question each day if sending my kids off to school to learn how to become good and productive citizens in this messed up society is the best approach. I've been ready to rebel against this craziness for years now but haven't had the family majority vote to make it happen. Historically, many have endured bomb drills under desks, real air raids, and all forms of violence or threats of violence while in school. I guess it's a microcosm of the world we inhabit. Danger everywhere. It's just so prison-like...being trapped in school and subject to gun violence. We know different. Our kids sadly don't. This is their world. The world we pass on to them.

The day Kendrick Castillo was murdered at school being as brave as one could ever hope to be, my daughter's high school lacrosse team drove by the scene just as police and emergency cars began to arrive in Highlands Ranch. She sent me a text to tell me the news. When will her school be next?

Greta, have you seen the PSA where the young girl teaches adults what to do in case of a school shooting? Yes, it breaks my heart that this is the world we have given them. And that children now have to think about what they would do and that those who hide may later question if they should have charged the shooter...that kids who are victims are also heroes and that more children have been shot in schools than police officers on duty or military serving overseas. Our world is all turned around and yet I still send my kids off to school each day believing they are safe, that it wont happen here...And I also know that its only a matter of time till another school is in the news and the story continues and yes, when will it be ours? Love you Greta and send you a big hug.

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