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So much love for you and amazing the lives you are
Touching by being you and living your passion. Inspiring 💚💜💙 congrats Christy. PS your house is beautiful 😍

So excited for you about starting your dream job and can’t wait to hear about it. Glad that the next stages of building your house are happening too. I really enjoyed reading about your work in the prison so glad you will be able to continue that as well. Transitions. Always so hard.

Wonderful! Good for you...Valerie

Great news!

Whoa, Christy what a great story, and I am so excited you will be at the high school. I know so many Seward students have 'made it' due to Martha's hard work. I think yours are a rare pair of feet that can stand up after the wave while clutching a salmon filled net and also fill those incredibly big shoes Martha recently left. Congratulations to you and Yay! for all the high school students.

That's the best god damn dip-netting story I've ever heard!

Congratulations on your wonderful new dream job. I found myself becoming teary eyed by Elias' heartfelt response to your good news!

You did it! and you deserve it. You are good for all the people that you work with but how nice that it will be near your kids. I hope your new schedule leaves more time for you and your home - which is really taking shape!

Haven't touched a keyboard in weeks and was glad to see your family update---I love your writing!!
Happy that you are excited for a job long hoped for---keep up your good work at the correctional facility---the world needs people like you there too :-)

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