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Love you guys ♥️

Love to you. Merry all the ways Christmas is Christmas. Big hugs to everyone. ❤️

Ah, love you both to the moon and back!

Oh Christy, I devoured your words much slower today anticipating a different ending. Through the tears I finished and my heart aches for all of you. Elias is such a great kid, I just see he is a bit more complicated than most of us. Big hugs to his little sister, life is confusing enough so add this on top of it to a young teenager. I am wiping my tears and know that even though life isn't perfect, you and Nick are giving your kids the best life possible. I am at work today, if you remember how to get there, lol, stop by for a hug on your way into town...I'll have one waiting for you.

Thank you for writing this. I don't know if it helps at all but I can relate to portions of what you have written. Our daughter was often violent and we physically restrained her at times for the safety of all involved. It is not easy.
I will say that I don't know what your mental health options are but we found an awesome family therapist who does TheraPlay as well as EMDR--which has beneficial to us as parents needing to release some PTSD from the whole thing--as well as similar benefits for siblings.
sending you love and peace
Julie A

Sarah, I would have loved a hug from you if the timing worked.thank you for your words, your support, and your friendship, it means a lot. Cheers, my friend.

Julie, I do think we all have PTSD from this and have been interested in EMDR from the positive benefits I've heard. Not sure if it is available in Seward but your words are a good reminder for me to look into mental health options for all of us. I tend to soldier on and not take the time I recommend to others. Thank you for understanding and love and peace to you too.

Thanks for sharing Christy. No easy answers, but you, Elias, and your family move forward with grace.

Elias, in his very complex ways, is nurturing two amazing parents and a very special sister. Such strength and compassion.

Sheila I love this way of looking at it, thank you for your words. And Justine in the thick of it grace is the last thing I feel but with time to reflect it comes, thanks friend.

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