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God, I wish we lived closer! So comforting to read that a friend feels this way. Thanks again for the gift of your writing.

That's a beautiful post.

"No-one holds all the pieces perfectly together without struggle."


Happy birthday!! Taking the day off for yourself is brilliant -- I try to do that most years too, but I forgot to this year...to my detriment.

Love your New Year's resolution and the kids' response!

All the best to you and Nick!

This is an extremely beautiful - and spot on - piece of writing. It goes so well with your earlier post's hopes for Olive.

Thanks all! I am a big fan of bday gifts of time for myself. Greta I wish we lived closer too. I love AK but I am so far from folks. Hugs all around.

Beautiful as always. Turning 47 on Sunday too. Funny thing this middle age but you have captured all the nuances here.

Happy Bday Kate!

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