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Hi Christy...I was thinking about Elias the other day. He would be the one that would know the answer to this question. There is a object that looks like a peep hole on every elevator in my building. It is located high on the door so it can’t be a peep hole. Can you ask him for me please and let me know if he knows what this is. Thanks. Valerie

"Oh I know what it is! It is a firefighter/worker key hole!" Yes, Valerie, Elias knew what it was. "So if power is out they can still open the door."

What a truly fabulous birthday gift! We are trying to figure out what to do for our Robbie's 16th (later this month). He isn't very verbal so we have no real idea at this point. But I am still brainstorming!

Love this story!! I am grinning right with you... sounds like an amazing birthday weekend for sweet Elias!! ❤️🎂❤️

No wonder you guys were eager to get going! So glad I got to talk to all of you on Sunday morning and so glad he had such an awesome surprise! ❤️❤️❤️

I love when strangers step up for him about his love of elevators. So glad you all had a great time for his birthday.

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