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Good morning.
thought I would pop in---mom of a senior, also a teacher, two other daughters as well---and I couldn't agree with your post more.
the feelings ebb and flow don't they? It's been nicer outside lately and that almost makes it worse. Trapped inside for days while it rained we wrapped ourselves around screens and shut out reality. Now it's sunny and feels like spring and yet nothing feels right either. Our state just extended our Stay At Home order for another two weeks. Always two more weeks...two more weeks...and I can't help but be envious of small towns with banners of seniors hanging and small ceremonies happening. With 5 high schools each one 300 students or more none of that is happening here. So sad for my daughter. And scared. and sad again.
Thanks for letting me pour all of that out before I head into this day!! I am happy for you about your new job and wish you all the best at it!!
Julie A

So many losses big and small. The Native community where we live and work has been devastated on every level. So much uncertainty. Excited for you about your new job. Hope it can be all that you hope.

Kate, thank you for writing and I am sorry to hear about the devastation in your community. Here is AK the native villages are especially worried due to their generational history with plagues and illnesses brought from the white settlers. The uncertainty of all of this is almost the hardest part. Hope summer brings some relief.

Julie, I'm glad you took a moment to write and express the range of feelings before beginning your day. Thats a big part of why I continue to blog because I need to get out what's in my head and it helps when I get to connect with others.

I am sad for your daughter too missing out on so much this Spring and with so much uncertainty for Fall. As a fellow educator you know that no one knows what schools will look like next year and that we can't get back what we lost this year.

Hope summer brings some opportunities to celebrate and connect with your community.

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