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I love this! My oldest daughter once wrote her teacher a note that said, “You’re the best teacher you can be!” We laughed about it but I think, based on this post, I will embrace being the best mom, wife, SLP, friend *I* can be!

Everyone is carrying a load; we need to just be kind as we can not see what it is...mine needs a U-haul at times...maybe even a Japanese tramper.

Love this! <3 happy new year from a friend who is doing her best and should probably give you a call soon! Miss y’all.

a"the best my kids will get." This alone has so much packed into it that it is going to take me a while to go through the feelings it gives me, with the first one being relief.

Happy New Year, Christy. I continue to read your blog as our boys age. I am in shock that our Rob will be 17 at the end of February. I keep trying to be the best I can be for him and for me.

I love this idea of 'best'! A great theme for 2021. Thanks for being 'best you' Christy.

Thank you my friends--you are all the "best you" that ever was!!

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