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Wow! This writing is great!! love the imagery and the wind...I can just feel it...

Just wow! We are all feeling this sadness combined with hope. Thank you for expressing it so well. Condolences for your son in losing his bus driver. And our hearts go out to loved ones of those lost in Haines, as well. 🙏🏻

Oh Christy, I am crawling into bed and I see your blog. I hesitate for a second as I have been very periwinkle, I won’t allow myself to call it blue, and I know whatever you have written will make me cry. But since I have been crying a lot lately I tell myself that her writing is so incredibly good, how can I not read it.
Elias is one of the casualties in this, COVID isn’t real bullshit. Hugs momma, Todd was loved by our whole community. Many have the coping skills to deal with this, sweet Elias, not so much. If he wants to ride an elevator, remember that I can hook him up...after hours when the public has gone home for the day. Beautiful writing as always. Thank you for sharing your gift!!!

Valerie, Cheryl, and Sarah, thank you so much for your kind words.

Sarah we may take you up on the elevator ride one of these days.

Hugs all around!

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