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My favorite is when he ask me if I wish I were there with him. Easy answer every time.

You write beautifully and with compelling insights. Have you thought of being a motivational speaker, explaining not to look at the cane or arkward gait. Don Livingston

Every facetime with relatives he asks this question Andrew. I love that he just assumes everyone wishes he was with them.

Don, thank you for your kind words. I do like speaking in public and have been asked to share parts of Elias's story at times. I look forward to having more time someday to do more writing and speaking.

My heart is smiling, I needed to read your words today Christy. Thank you!!!

I learn so much from my students. There was a time in my life when I was really struggling with chronic migraines. One day I asked one of my middle schoolers if he was having a good day. He said, “Yes, I don’t have diarrhea.” Which is a funny response, but the wisdom was to appreciate the moments when I felt well, rather than complaining about when I didn’t or just waiting to feel bad again.

I think “Not everybody gets to do this!” is such an excellent perspective! I know I would be much happier if I reminded myself of that more because it is so often TRUE!

Thank you for sharing this!

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