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Oh Christy and family, this is horrible. I am so sorry! What a beautiful dog Lola is. I wish I could wrap my arms around you.

A month ago we went through the agony of (me) losing our 10 year old aussie shepherd Gracie who spooked and fled on a trail at the sound of gunfire at a nearby shooting range. I went through all of this, except your ending, which tears me apart. It was a nightmare. Somehow she survived a week in the forest only to emerge on a high mountain pass and almost get hit. The car that almost hit her stopped and rescued her. We are so thankful they cared enough to bring her in their car and eventually find our family thanks to the wonders of internet searches (which I otherwise often condemn). I only wish Lola could emerge unscathed from the woods to you back home.

I am so sad for you. Beautifully written (of course), and beautifully sad. Much love to all of you.

My heart breaks for you. ❤

I am so, so sorry for your, Nick’s, and the kids’ loss of your sweet fur baby. It doesn’t get easier, but it becomes less shocking and foreign. Sometimes there are no changes to the “what if’s.” Though still they echo in our hearts…. Death just is. Love just us. Missing our loved ones, whether canine or human, just is.


Xoxo to you all.
I cannot believe Elias is 17.
I miss you guys a million.

tears tears tears

Thanks all. So many tears here this week.

Candice, thank you for your words. "Death just is. Love just is." So true as I know you understand too well.

Greta, I remember reading that your Gracie was found. So thankful. I too wish that Lola came bounding home, that I could replace our ending with one where she really did come through our door.

Hugs and love to all!!!

Sending so much sympathy and love and light. I'm so sorry.

Sending you all lots of love and know that I feel your sadness and loss. We have a framed photo of Luckie and a card underneath with typed up memories of our sweet dog. It’s a lovely reminder of all that was. BIG HUGS your way. XO

Just reading this now. You ripped my heart right open with the freshness of your grief. I know I don’t have any hugs big enough to contain it, but I’m sending them all to you. So, so sad to hear this news. So much love.

Bawling as I sit in line at my daughters school, reading this. I am so so sorry for your loss. I pray the image of her in the ditch fades and are overtaken by the beautiful images you shared in this post

This just breaks my heart. I'm so sorry. You have written a such a beautiful tribute to Lola!

I think our Buddy and Lola are siblings from different litters. He is from Tio and June's first litter, in May 2014.

Virginia, yes our pups would be related. They are such great dogs!

Thank you all, the grief is less fresh now but it still knocks me over at random moments. I will always miss my Lola girl!

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