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Well said. Glad your children are recovering well. Makes me wonder, though, whether covid will surge in Ukraine because of all the crowding. Like you...all of us...I feel helpless. Happy you got to walk today, though ~ small pleasures, not to be taken for granted. As you say ~ perspective.

So so important to understand this concept. I try to talk about it all the time with my clients.

P.S. Que is spelled Queue
(sorry still a teacher)

Valerie, thank you, I appreciate all the spelling help I can get. If it passes spellcheck i often miss it. And Perspective is a concept I need to remind myself of often, as well as the students I work with. Thank you for being one of my favorite teachers!

Susan, yes its the small things these days that keep me going as world issues tend to overwhelm me. I hadn't thought about another Covid surge in the Ukraine but I see that possibility on top of everything else. Thanks, as always for your support.

Always helpful to keep things in perspective. So grateful both kids seem to have weathered Covid without complications. Always love to find a new post from you with your beautiful words and photos.

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